I am what I am
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POSTED BY Aparna Sinha

You laughed and mocked 
And kicked me hard
For you pray mammon I pray to god
I have your coin you threw at me
Nothing is what it means to you 
For mammon has blessed thee
But, I am blinded with its gleam
I could keep it forever
It’s where I build my dream(s) 
And that is how I am….
I struggle and fight
To reach a place where your glitter
Is out shined by my light
There I shall be when I can
And that’s what I am…..

I am bruised I am battered
By your whims so hollow
Coz you made rules for me to follow
It was not frailty- I just loved thee
But you doubted my tears
Now I want to be free.
Lift my veil and see
I am Durga Saraswati Kaali**
That is what I am…. 
I stood up and survived
All your lies and illusion
Undulated by your fake promises 
Now I am destined for my own Elysian
I will get it when I can
That is what I am…

They thrashed me bashed me
And spoiled my name
Only because I am not the same 
As they wanted each soul on earth to be
Silent victim of their cruelty
For I wanted to lift my head high
With no reason for shame 
Before I die
That is how I am
I am ready I am armed
With simple truths of life
Much stronger than your wizardry
I see a better tomorrow
Over you, all that will be my victory
I will win it when I can
I am what I am

But for you, men are not equal
Alas! they are ranked on the same soil they trod
By Money Color even God
And I am punished for making a new start
Questioning your sovereignty! 
For retaining my dignity 
And for connecting men heart to heart
Ah! You cannot kill me! 
For I will born again
I am what I am and will remain


This poem is nominated for the SALISONLINE.in Best Poem Of The Year Award 2017.

If you are also a poet and want to submit your poems for SALISONLINE.in, then please mail us at - salismagazine@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap. Thank You! 


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